Farmers in Chitipa Hail Collective Marketing Introduced by Karonga Diocese

Farmers in Chitipa Hail Collective Marketing Introduced by Karonga Diocese
Mwamphashi during one of his test ride trips

By Saloom Longwe

Ownex Mwamphashi aged 38, living with a family of 7 members
including his wife and 5 children, hails from Mugalure Village, T/A Mwabulambia
in Chitipa district.

Mwamphashi is one among several farmers enjoying the fruits
of joining Farmer’s Club which later turn to operate in Collective Marketing
with many other farmer clubs.     

In September 2019, Karonga Diocese through its Development Desk
initiated collective marketing which aimed at bringing farmers together for collective
bargaining power when buying agricultural inputs and selling agricultural

In October 2019, Mwamphashi managed to buy a motorbike from
the proceeds of crop sales. With the aid of collective marketing, he sold about
2,800 kilograms of surplus maize at a price of MK270 per kilogram against a
prevailing market price of which is below MK200 per kilogram. The total revenue
he realized was MK756,000 to which he added some money raised from livestock
sales to get MK800,000, which was the cost price of the motorbike.

Mwamphashi is now living a happily life having acquired a means
of transport which will ease mobility as he is comes from a typical remote area
where transport is one of their major challenges.

The family of Mwamphashi applauds to the initiative by the
Karonga Diocese saying, “It has come to empower the community economically” unlike
in the past when they could carry their produce to a bordering country Tanzania
with no say on the price offered by traders.  

Collective marketing has proved its goodness to farmers in
T/A Mwabulambia who for the past years have suffered a lot when accessing
agro-markets such that their only choice was Isongole in Tanzania.

Many farmers have been victimized with tricky traders where
most available markets are marred with intermediate traders who offer below standard
agricultural inputs and low prices for farm produce.

With support from
MISEREOR the Diocese of Karonga through its Development Desk is implementing a
3 year Integrated Rural Development Project in Karonga and Chitipa districts. Improving household economic level is
one of the operational objectives, of which Farmers
Collective Markets
is a leading indicator.

The project is targeting a population of 2,400 households in 4
traditional areas of Kyungu in Karonga, Mwenemisuku, Mwabulambia, and
Mwenewenya in Chitipa.

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