Development Desk of Karonga Diocese to facilitate construction of multi million kwacha irrigation scheme.

By Elijah Banda

In the wake of dwindling agricultural production, due  to dry spells and flooding, the Development Desk of Karonga Diocese through the Climate Change project is facilitating the development of a 6 ha irrigation sch

eme at Kapoka in Chitipa District. The scheme will cost  25 Million Kwacha and when finished it is expected to benefit 150 surrounding households.

The benefici


ary communities will be able to plant twice a year using rain fed agriculture and irrigation farming through the scheme which is expected to boast yield by 30%. The communities will be able to grow vegetables for sell to generate income as well as for consumption to boast their nutritional needs.

The schem

e will use solar power to pump water underground into raised irrigation tanks and surrounding communities apart from boasting agricultural production from the scheme are also geared to have


potable water supply courtesy of the project.

Speaking d

uring the commencement of the construction work the chief for the area Maxison Mlenga thanked Karonga Diocese for the development and promised to support the work started to ensure the benefits trickle down to all community members.

The development of the scheme and the entire climate change project  is being made possible by the generous funding of  MISEREOR-GERMANY

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  1. Denis Chitete

    That’s the way to go if we want our country to get out of the persistent hunger situation which we have witnessed in the recent past two growing seasons. Keep it Karonga Diocese!

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