Karonga Diocese Staffs are Attending Training on Gender Analysis and HIV and AIDS Mainstreaming.

By Vincent Bwinga

Staff members from different arms and departments  of the Diocese of Karonga are from 25th to 27th July, 2017 attending a gender analysis and HIV and AIDS mainstreaming training at Bambo Zutu House in Karonga. The training is also being attended by staff members from the Diocese’s Tuntufye Radio Station.

The purpose of the training is to build capacity of staff in order for them to be able to systematically integrate (mainstream) HIV/AIDS and gender dimensions into their particular sections, programmes and projects. The training is being facilitated by Ellen Schmitt who is a gender and HIV/AIDS expert from MISEREOR.

MISEREOR is supporting a number of projects being implemented by the Diocese through the departments of Justice and Peace and Development

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