Lay Apostolates

Within the Pastoral Commission of the Diocese of Karonga exists the Lay Apostolate as a desk. Its main role is coordinate the operations of all lay movements and devotional groups within the Diocese. The Diocese a number of lay movements and devotional groups. Through these lay movements and devotional groups, the Catholic faithful follow unique spiritualities as they move on their Christian journey towards perfection/holiness.

Some of the lay movements and devotional groups are: Wukilano/ Youth; Catholic Women Organisation; Third Order of St Francis; Legion of Mary; Young Christian Workers; Young Christian Students; Wadada Wakutewetera Mtima Utuwa (Catholic Men Devoted to the Sacred Heart of Jesus; Chitemwano (Women of Charity); Lay Marianists; Kolping Families Movement; Neo Catechumenate Way.

Out of the 67,000 Catholics in the Diocese, 33,343 (50%) belong to these different lay movements or devotional groups. This is a very high and significant figure in as far as pastoral care is concerned. That is why the Diocese is committed to taking care of the Catholic Faithful that belong to these lay groups. Most of these groups have functioning committees up to grassroots levels in all the 260 prayer centres of the Diocese. Apart from the Diocesan Chaplain for the Apostolate, each parish has chaplains that oversee the functions of the lay movements or devotional groups.

All these lay groups have common characteristics; they put prayer, on-going Christian formation and charity at the centre.