St Mary’s Parish

Geographical Location
St Mary’s Parish Centre is located to the northeast of Karonga New Town Centre, 800 meters away from M1 Road.

Historical Background
St Mary’s Parish was opened by the White Fathers (Missionaries of Africa) in 1945. The Parish had been geographically relocating to a number of villages within Karonga between 1945 to1950. Due to floods, in the year 1951-1953, St Mary’s was repositioned to upper land to where it is permanently positioned in the present time.

Number of Prishioners

St Mary’s Parish has over 12,232 Christians and 3045 catechumens, giving a total of 15,277 parishioners.

Number of Zones

The parish has three zones Including St Mary’s, Ntchowo and Lughali Zone.

Prayer Services
Sunday Mass

    • English Mass : 7.30 am
    • Children’s Mass : 8.30 am
    • Tumbuka Mass : 10.00 am

Daily Mass:

    • Monday to Saturday: 6.30 am


  • Benediction: Every Friday from 4.00 pm


  • The Parish Priest Fr. Joseph Sikwese :
  • Fr. Joachim Mwale (Curate) :
  • Catechetical Methodology Advisor Phillip Chisi: