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As a way of developing leadership skills and increasing participation among the youth in the life and mission of the Church, the Youth from Karonga Deanery have been asked to seriously take up the leadership roles that are given to them now in the Diocese.  This call was made by the Deanery Youth Chaplain, Fr Joseph Mkinga, at St Joseph the Worker Cathedral,during the closing Mass of the Karonga Deanery Youth Rally on 31 October 2021.

The Youth and their Chaplain after Closing Mass of their Rally at St Joseph the Worker Cathedral

Over 267 youths from the Deanery of Karonga gathered at St Joseph the Worker Cathedral from 29 October to 31 October 2021 for a rally. Karonga Deanery is made up of 4 parishes (St Stevens, St Martin De Pores, St Mary’s and St Joseph the Worker) and St Thomas More Sub-Parish.  There are over 3,177 youths in all these 4 parishes and 1 sub-parish.  But due to restrictions, representatives among the youth were selected to attend the rally and hold elections for the Deanery Youth Executive Committee. 

Part of the youth who attended the rally

During the rally, the youth were involved in the following activities:

  1. Elections of their Karonga Deanery Youth Executive Committee
  2. They prayed the rosary together to close the month of the rosary (October)
  3. They had lessons and presentations on Courtship and Marriage Preparation, Vocations, Drug and Substance Abuse
  4. They held singing sessions and in-door games.

During the closing mass on Sunday, 31 October, Fr Joseph Mkinga challenged the youth that their time to seriously take up church leadership roles is now rather than later.  He urged them to continue reflecting on their career and vocation as this will ensure that they make right choices and lead in one way or another.  He also asked them to be the youth that love to pray in order to be good leaders. 

Fr Mkinga, the Deanery Youth Chaplain, during Closing Mass of the Rally

Also present during the Deanery Rally and taking various roles were Sr Amelie, Sr Prudence, Mr Paul Mwandira (Catechetical Methodology Advisor for Karonga Deanery), Catechist Abraham Mwakiyale (of Mpata Zone), Assistant Catechist Francis Munthali (of Mpata Zone),and Catechist James Gondwe(of St Joseph the Worker Zone). 

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