Welcome to the Karonga Diocese Official Website

Welcome to the Karonga Diocese Official Website

The Catholic Diocese of Karonga is found in the Northern part of Malawi. Malawi is a landlocked country found in South Eastern Africa with a size of about 118,000km². It is bordered by Tanzania to North East, Zambia to the North West and Mozambique to the South East and South West.

The Diocese is fairly new, created on 21st July 2010 by Pope emeritus Benedict XVI. Read more about us here: ABOUT US

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  1. Fr Gabriel Zsidi

    To whom it may concern,
    I came across an interview that the Bishop gave around 7 years ago in London on youtube. I was so impressed with him that I have since then looked for images of Karonga on Youtube and there are a few, and of course some of the Bishops homilies and certain ceremonies, e-.g. ordination of Deacons. The Bishop has a robust style when he is trying to impress upon the people the dangers of certain sinful ways. Your website in African terms is very good. It would be really helpful to see what the parishes are like and some of the needs in terms of possible support for out-stations. I am a Priest of the Archdiocese of Westminster who is always interested to see how the Church is growing and developing in Africa. I may never get to any of these places but it is really up-lifting to see how the Holy Spirit is working in Africa and using a charismatic Bishop like Bishop Martin and his priests to make the Church vibrant. Thank you and I will keep you in my prayers.

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