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Bishop Pates Launches the New Catechism and Commissions All to Spread It

Bishop Pates Launches the New Catechism and Commissions All to Spread It

The Diocese of Karonga has to day, the 29th July, 2017, launched the newly published basic  catechism book entitled; Kasambizgani Mitundu Yose. The launch was presided over by Bishop Richard Pates of the Catholic Diocese of De Moines who was accompanied by Bishop Martin Mtumbuka of Karonga Diocese

Bishop Pates has also commissioned priests, catechists and all  faithful to go forth and teach it.  This auspicious occasion took place at St. Joseph the Worker Cathedral of the Diocese of Karonga.

Also present at the occasion were priests from all the 9 parishes in the Diocese, communication  secretaries from the Catholic Secretariat in Lilongwe, and from other 7 dioceses in Malawi, the religious; men and women, lay leaders and the Catholic faithful at large.

In his homily and speech, Bishop Pates reiterated the significance of sharing and growing the gift of faith that God has given to His people. He highlighted that catechism is the tool with which  Catholic Christians can use to grow and spread the faith. In his words, Bishop Mtumbuka indicated that the catechism has been developed in way that makes it easy for readers to grasp the most essential aspects of their faith by using question and answer method of presentation.

This basic catechism has been developed by translating the English version of the catechism  used in the Universal Church , into Tumbuka; the liturgical language of the Diocese of Karonga.

In order to ensure that every Christian  in the diocese accesses  and owns this very important book, the Diocese is selling the book at only K 1,500. This book can be found at the Diocesan bookshop at St. Mary’s Parish and in bookshops in other parishes of the Diocese.

Kasambizgani Mitundu Yose: Ivyo Mu Khristu Wali Yose Wakwenera Kumanya Book 1

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