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Chaminade Sec. School

Chaminade Secondary School


The school was started by the Father of Missionaries of Africa (White Fathers). Mons. St. Denis asked Daniel Poulin to start the school in 1955; they started at St. Mary’s Parish in Karonga town as a co- education Secondary School. In 1960, they received a grant to expand the school and decided to move the boys from Karonga town to Bwiba, the present place, and invited the Marianist Brothers to run the School.

In 1963, Br. George Dury founded the school and named it Chaminade Secondary School after his arrival from America; by then it was under Mzuzu Diocese. The school was handed over to Diocese of Karonga on the inception of the Diocese in 2010.

Br. George Dury was the first Headmaster of the school. The headmaster was very innovative that on May 28, 1963 he established the first museum in Karonga. The museum begun with artifacts which the students brought from their respective homes. The school also started planting trees on the site of 86.3 acres of land given by Chief Kyungu. Since its inception, Chaminade Secondary School has done marvelously in academia, sports and culture. It has produced good students academically and morally. It prospered in almost every aspect of a school, hence, the name “The School of Champions”. Currently the school has grown big into a triple stream with the enrolment of 540 students.

Academic performance
The school offers the following subjects: English, French, Chichewa, History, and Geography, Bible knowledge, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Agriculture, Biology, Home Economics, Computer studies and Social studies. Chaminade is one of the best schools in the country producing excellent results at Malawi School Certificate of Examinations (MSCE). For instance in 2017, three students scored 6 points each, the highest that a student can score at national level.

Spiritual growth
Students are encouraged to attend Mass every Wednesday in the school Chapel. On Sundays, they go to their respective prayer houses. The school provides holistic education in the Catholic and Marianist tradition.

For God and our Country

As a cradle of moral and academic excellence, Chaminade Secondary School is a vibrant faith community and education center aimed at producing graduates with sound mind and body, ready to make extraordinary contributions to the human family.