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Fr Kuyokwa with some members of St Martin De Porres Uzengezgani after Mass
Small Christian Community Urged to Be Charitable Like Their Patron Saint

By Benjamin Msowoya

The Parish Priest of St Mathias Mulumba Parish of the Diocese of Karonga, Fr Atupele Kuyokwa, has urged the members of St Martin de Porres Small Christian Community (SCC/ Uzengezgani) to follow the example of their Patron Saint (St Martin De Porres).  Fr Kuyokwa made these remarks on 3rd November 2021, when he presided over the Mass at St Martin De Porres SCC/ Uzengezgani at the Parish Centre (Chibanji), in Mughese Zone. 

Fr Kuyokwa with some members of St Martin De Porres Uzengezgani after Mass
Fr Kuyokwa with some members of St Martin De Porres Uzengezgani after Mass

Members of St Martin De Porres Uzengezgani organised a special celebration on their Patron Saint’s Day in order to show unity and purpose of their SCC.  Over 25 adult members attended the celebrations which included Mass and luncheon where they shared food, drinks and had more interaction as members of one Uzengezgani. They met at Mr and Mrs Andrew Chabinga’s house, one of the members of their Uzengezgani.

During Mass, Fr Kuyokwa encouraged them to follow the example of St Martin De Porres so that they are also known as charitable people.  He reminded them that this call is even more relevant this year (2021) because the Diocese is being guided by the theme: “Year of Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy”. He challenged them to reflect on how many works of charity they have fulfilled as an Uzengezgani and as individuals during this special year. 

The members united in song and dance
The members united in song and dance

St Martin De Porres Small Christian Community is one of the 77 Small Christian Communities in St Mathias Mulumba Parish and one of the 715 Small Christian Communities in the whole Diocese of Karonga.  Small Christian Communities are a small grouping of Catholics within a prayer centre, usually made up of 15-20 families, for pastoral and administrative purposes. 

Father Mwenegamba (R) handing over some of the items to Catechetical Methodology Advisor, Paul Mwandira
St Michael’s Parish Receives PPEs to Support COVID-19 Prevention

By Madalitso Chiona*

On Sunday, St Michael’s Parish, in Chitipa, under the Diocese of Karonga received assorted personal protective equipment (PPEs) from well-wishers from Germany to support efforts to prevent COVID-19 pandemic in places of worship.

The donation which included 10 hand washing buckets, tablets of soap and 50 face masks has come from Elisabeth Maasjost and friends through Reverend Father Steven Bulambo of St. Anne’s Parish.

In his remarks, Reverend Father Kondwani Mwenegamba of St Michael’s Parish thanked Elisabeth Maasjost and her friends for the support rendered to the parish saying it will help a lot in the fight against the pandemic as many Christians are unable to secure these PPEs on their own.

“If you walk around the Parish you can see some people are not putting on face masks and in most gathering places, people are not washing hands as it is supposed to be, not because they do not care about contracting the virus but due to lack of PPEs.” Said Father Mwenegamba.

Speaking after handing over the items to the Catechetical Methodology Advisor, Paul Mwandira and COVID-19 Prevention Committee for the Parish, Father Mwenegamba pleaded for proper use and distribution of the same and that the main beneficiaries of the items should be prayer houses that are under the Parish.

Father Mwenegamba further appealed to all people from all walks to borrow a leaf from Maasjost in trying to combat the pandemic.

Speaking on behalf of the COVID-19 Committee and St Michael’s Parish members, Catechetical Methodology Advisor Paul Mwandira also commended Maasjost for support rendered to the Parish.

“Since St Michael’s is one of the major Parishes in the Diocese, 10 buckets, soaps and 50 face masks are not enough for two zones with 20 sub stations hence these buckets and soaps will be distributed first to prayer houses that do not have any,” said Mwandira.

According to Chitipa District COVID-19 Status report released on the 17th of August, the District has so far recorded 52 positive cases of COVID-19 out of which 48 have recovered, three have died and there is only one active case.

*The Author is Parish Communication Agent for St Michael’s Parish

Participants of the leadership seminar
St Francis de Sales Parish Holds Leadership Seminar

By Wallace Nyirongo*

The Pastoral Team of St Francis de Sales Parish of Karonga Diocese organised a one-day leadership seminar which drew participants from local parish councils, Catholic Women Organization, Sacred Heart of Jesus, choir, youth, catechists and priests.

The seminar, which was facilitated by Father Albert Chirwa of St Denis Parish in Mzuzu Diocese, dwelt on the ultimate end of all evangelisation work, “salvation for all’.


“Spiritual needs of the people are what leaders should strive to address and promote. Therefore, servant leadership is required from each one of you as you discharge your duties. Jesus Christ showed us how to lead others and so we are to embrace that,”

“Christian leaders lead by example, are visionary, persevering, mature, transparent, humble and are able to empower others,” Said Father Chirwa.

Leaders were cautioned to refrained from things that might make them fail in their service. He urged them to guard themselves against tendencies such as laziness, pride, jealousy, drunkenness, corruption, and love for money which are capable of ruining their ministry. He further urged the participants to strive to be in full communion always.

Participants were also called to reflect on marriage values that are being compromised.

“Love is no longer a uniting factor in marriage. There are marriage breakups due to adherence to cultural values that contradict the values of Christian marriage; love for money has become a basis for marriage breakups,” said Father Chirwa.

St Francis de sales Parish, which was officially inaugurated by Right Reverend Martin Anwel Mtumbuka of the Diocese of Karonga and handed over to Fathers of Francis de Sales on 4th of May 2019, has over 2000 members from seven outstations.

*Wallace Nyirongo is Catechetical Methodology Advisor for St Francis de Sales Parish

The catechist stressing on data collection strategy
Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish Holds Sunday School Review Conference

By Paul Mwandira

The office of the Catechetical Methodology Advisor of Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish organized 2019 Sunday school evaluation conference. The meeting was organized with the support from the Sunday School Desk which is implanting the Sunday School Project with financial support from the Coppel Family.

The conference attracted 41 Sunday school instructors from three outstations under the parish and was held under the theme, “Starting 2020 with new ideas”. The conference aimed at improving delivery standards of instructors in the parish.

Instructors after receiving gifts
Instructors after receiving gifts

Opening the conference, Father Lorent Dziko of the Parish urges Sunday school instructors to grasp the fully attend to what the facilitators were to deliver in order to grasp the content properly.

“It is a privilege for us here at Immaculate Heart of Mary to have this meeting. Our aim is not to pass time or just to fulfil an obligation for formality’s sake. We have to keep in mind that the goal of this, our ministry, is to see the face of God at the end of this life,” said Father Dziko.

The conference brought together facilitators with expertise in different fields to help instructors improve their delivery methods and also content to deliver. Among the facilitators were Rev, Fr Lorent Dziko, Methodology Advisor Paul Mwandira, Mr Mbale from Lusubilo, and the local catechist Mr Elias Kalagho.

During the gathering, instructors went away with prizes for being more dedicated in the year 2019. A total of 38 instructors were give solar radios and solar bulbs. 7 prayer centres were selected to be outstanding and went away with assorted gifts.

Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish was raised to be Sub-Parish on 01st January, 2019 and was elevated to parish status on 11th October, 2019 by Right Rev Martin Anwel Mtumbuka, Bishop of the Diocese of Karonga. Currently, the parish has 72 instructors for both junior and senior Sunday school. Fathers of the Congregation of Immaculate Conception of Mary, who visited the Diocese recently, are expected to open a mission station at the parish in the year 2020.

Father Mwafulirwa Administering First Communion to Junior Sunday School Children
Sunday School Project: A Step Towards a Strong Future Church

By Lino Nyirenda*

The Pastoral Team of St Ignatius Parish has urged the Local Church Committees to embrace the Sunday School project fully if they are to build a strong future Church.

The Parish Priest and Curate of St Ignatius Parish Father Matthews Simwela, and Father Anthony Mwafulirwa carried this common message on Sunday, 29 September, when they administered baptism and first communion at Nthalire and Mwenje outstation centres respectively.

Future Church: A Group of Junior Sunday School Children
Future Church: A Group of Junior Sunday School Children

Thirty infants (ten boys and twenty girls) received baptism at Mwenje while seven infants (five boys and two girls) received baptism at Nthalire. Twenty-seven Junior Sunday School children (nine boys and 18 girls) received baptism and First Communion at Mwenje.

Nine of the Junior Sunday School children come from non-Catholic families and have been encouraged by their parents to join Catholicism because of well-grounded and structured Sunday School project. Their parents were present during the ceremony.

Father Mwafulirwa, who examined the children prior to the ceremony, expressed satisfaction in the way they responded to questions an indication that Sunday School Instructors are committed to forming them into strong Catholics.

It has also been observed that Likuni Phala, which is provided when there are instructions, continues to help maintain high numbers of Junior Sunday School children attending instructions as well as liturgy.

Although the Sunday School project is registering successes, one of the notable challenges is late registration of children for baptism, which is attributed to among other thing tithes and fees which are part of the requirements.

The Pastoral Team urged Small Christian Communities and Local Church Committees (LCCs) to be more committed to the faith formation of their children by among other things coordinating well the preparation of porridge for children; identifying potential instructors from Small Christian Communities; continuous training of instructors and encouraging children to be agents of evangelisation to fellow children.

The Sunday School project is being implemented by the Pastoral Commission of the Diocese of Karonga with financial support from the Coppell Family of Mexico.

*Lino Nyirenda is Catechetical Methodology Advisor for St Ignatius Parish

St Steven’s and St Michael’s Youth Hold Learning and Sharing Event

By Paul Mwandira

In order to strengthen the role of youth in the Church,
youth from St Steven’s Parish in Karonga recently visited their counterparts of
St Michael’s Parish (Chitipa Zone) with the aim of sharing experiences on the youth
ministry and appreciate their role in the Catholic Church.

During the two day visit, the youth have learnt a lot on
concerning the youth ministry.

Delivering a talk, one of the instructors from St Steven’s
Parish highlighted the importance of learning and sharing visits which give
young people to interact at various levels and the in the process learn new
ways of doing things. He expressed optimism that after the event, there will be
significant change in the way they do things.

Taking his turn, Methodology Advisor for St Michael’s
Parish, Paul Mwandira, highlighted the demands that the Year of Missio Ad
Gentes has placed on the young people. He further encouraged the youth to utilize
the opportunity that has been given to them by the Bishop Martin Mtumbuka of the
Diocese of Karonga to grow in faith and minister to their friends. He said young
people in the Diocese have a special place in the heart of the Bishop, who also
commissioned them to minister to their friends.

Mwandira further urged the youth to reach out to their friends
who have lost their faith to come back to their fold and bring back those who
are no longer active in the youth ministry.

He reminded them that in whatever they do, they should not
lose focus that they do all things for the glory of God and the salvation of
their own souls.

The activity took place at Mubanga Outstation Centre as the
Chitipa Zone Centre was engaged with baptism and conformation.

A total of 130 young people were part of the gathering; 34
from Iponga Zone and 96 from Chitipa Zone.

Junior Sunday School Children In Exchange Visit

By Benedict Masudi Kauteka

Forty five (45) junior Sunday school (JSS) children from St Denis Parish in the Diocese of Mzuzu, in the company of their six (6) instructors, visited their fellow children at St Anne’s Parish of Karonga Diocese from 8th to 11th August, 2019. This was a return visit as children from St Anne’s Parish visited them last year. This visit was meant to cement their relationship in Christ.

Speaking on behalf of JSS children from St Denis Parish, Tapiwa Moyo pointed out that their four day visit was enriching as they have exchanged a number of skills, values, attitudes, experiences and knowledge, with their fellow children from St Anne’s, which will help deepen their faith.

“We have learnt a lot from our colleagues here. For instance, a song of peace done just after receiving Holy Communion,” said Tapiwa. She said the song of peace communicates important Christian values worth living.

In addition, Matthews Kaira, one of the instructors from St Denis acknowledged that the children have learnt quite a lot from St Anne’s Parish JSS children, like a new tune of the Creed. He further said they have also learnt the extended version of the Gloria hymn.

Henry Mtonga, a junior Sunday school instructor at St Anne’s Parish also appreciated the activities which are done by junior Sunday school children together with their instructors.

“We have learnt, among other things, the administration monthly tests based on the instruction given to children,” said Henry in his remarks.

Junior Sunday school children from Rumphi perform a number of activities at their parish which include visiting and cheering the sick, visiting the elderly, attending instructions every Saturday, and leading liturgy.

On Liturgy, they do a number of activities which include performing the role of the usher, taking the readings, preaching and leading in singing.

It is the expectation of instructors and children from both parishes to see their relationship growing and enriching each other spiritually. Children were full of joy as they interacted with each other.

Children from St Denis presented gifts to their fellow children from St Anne’s. The presented gifts included items such as plastic cups, plastic plates and plastic bucket as shown on the pictures.

Finally, Rev. Fr. Dr. Steven Bulambo expressed his gratitude for the role played by junior Sunday children from the two parishes in the liturgy as almost everything was done by them. They took the readings, intercessions and led the singing during the service.

In his remarks, Rev. Fr. Dr. Steven Bulambo, the celebrant, advised parents to take care of their children for them to grow in faith and become responsible future and today’s Christians.

“It is the responsibility of every parent to ensure their children assimilate appropriate values, especially the Gospel values, for them to inherit God’s kingdom,” he said with emphasis.

Kalenge YCS Members Urged to Lead Exemplary Life

By Brian Kachitete

Father Lorent Dziko of St John Paul II has urged YCS Members of Kalenge CDSS to be exemplary and lead a purpose driven life is they have to achieve great things.

Father Laurent Dziko, made this call when he presided over farewell ceremony at Kalenge CDSS which falls under his parish.

In his reflection, which was based on the parable of the Good Samaritan, Father Dziko said YCS members should always see what is happening around them, judge and act accordingly like the Good Samaritan who acted, upon seeing a man who was left half dead by the robbers. He stressed that YCS members should not just sit and watch when things are not going on well.

Father Dziko encouraged the students to work had and be focused in their studied. He urged them to set right goals and work towards achieving them rather than drifting aimlessly.

“Life without goals is useless, so you must set goals,” said Father Dziko.  

The farewell ceremony was aimed at bidding farewell to Form Four Students who are leaving the school at the end of their Malawi School Certificate of Education examinations. For the continuing students, it was also meant to wish each other well as they go on long holiday.  

“We thought of coming together today to say bye to our friends who have written their final examinations and are heading for other endeavors. We want to thank them for the time we spent together at this school. We also want to wish them well as they move to another step of their academic life,” said Davie Kayini YCS Chairperson.

A cross-section of participants during the Teacher's Annual General Meeting
St Michael’s Teachers Hold Annual Conference

By Paul Mwandira

The Office of the Catechetical Methodology Advisor of St Michael’s Parish organized the 2019 Parish Annual General Conference of the Association of Catholic Teachers for teachers working within the parish.

The meeting which was locally organized was patronized by 41 teachers from the four zones of the parish and it took place at St Michael’s Lusubilo Conference Centre on from 26th to 28th April, 2019.

The theme of the conference was “Capacity Building to Teachers; A Goal to a Dedicated Teacher in the Catholic Church”. Facilitators from different fields were engaged to interact with the teachers.

In his opening address the Catechetical Methodology Advisor of the Parish, Mr. Paul Mwandira urged the teachers to use the meeting to explore frontiers for spiritual and professional growth and go home as agents of change.

Facilitators interacted with the teachers on the following topics; Financial Management and Entrepreneurship, Catholic Education Policy, Introduction to the Bible and Missio Ad Gentes as the theme of the Diocese in the year 2019.

The facilitators during the gathering included Mr. Peter Maston Mtambo of Nachembe Consultancy Services with a BSc Degree in Technical Education and over 29 years’ experience in Human Resource Management; Mr. Chauzuka Nyondo, former Education Desk Officer of the Diocese of Karonga with over 20 years’ experience in teaching and the pioneer in developing Catholic Education Policy; Mr. Augustine Mziza who is a retired officer in the Ministry of Agriculture with over 21 years’ experience and headed several pastoral positions, and Madam Elifa Chiona a Catechist at St Michael’s Parish.

During the gathering, teachers also shared ideas on coming up with income generating activities of the Association where among others was to allow any Catholic School to be contributing towards to that.

St Michael’s Parish has got a total of ninety Catholic teachers and only seventy are active members of the group. This year’s conference was highly affected by Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) briefing which was going on in the surrounding Teacher Development Centres (TDC).

Sunday school children holding tree seedlings ready to plant
Sunday School Children In Itela Zone Taking Strides In Missio Ad Gentes

By Moses Kamanga

In an effort to walk the talk on celebrating the year Missio Ad Gentes launched on the 9th of February Sunday School Children in Itela Zone under the new Parish of St. John Paul II have embarked on a tree planting exercise.

One of the planted trees
One of the planted trees

This is to fulfil one of their Missio Ad Gentes obligations, taking care of the environment as stipulated in the Missio Ad Gentes message of the Local Ordinary of the Diocese, Rt. Rev. Bishop Martin Mtumbuka.

Itela Zone has nine prayer centres and the tree planting activities take place in all the nine prayer centres of the zone.

“Our target is to replenish the forest belonging to our Church with pine trees that we used to have but now we harvested most of the trees” said one Sunday School instructor, Dominic Chizumila.

Parents are also involved in this exercise, “they are the ones who source tree seedlings for their children” added John Ndau the Catechist.

According to the Catechetical Methodology Advisor of St. John Paul II, Brian Kachitete, Itela Zone is among those that have very dedicated Christians.

“Though far from everything, the zone is very vibrant in their faith. There are about 850 adult Christians and 274 Sunday School children in the zone” indicated Kachitete.

Itela is about 35 Kilometres from the Parish Center, off Karonga-Chitipa road behind Chisasu Hills covering the naturally and beautifully knitted stretches of hills and valleys; testifying to the Creator that they were wonderfully made.