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Archives January 2020

Scouts with Chitipa District Hospital patients
Catholic Scouts Cheer Sick at Chitipa District Hospital

By Deodatus Muriya (Scout Coordinator)

As part of Christmas celebration, Catholic Scouts of St Michael’s Parish in the Diocese of Karonga, on 26 December, 2019, visited the sick in the male ward at Chitipa District Hospital where among other things they donated assorted items such as sugar, orange squash and soap.

According to the Chair Lady of St Michael’s Parish Scouts, Miss Leah Nyondo, the grouping’s objective for the just ended year was to help the sick and assist at least one woman in need.

“We felt it was necessary to interact with patients during this festive season to share with them a message of hope and that God has not forgotten them,” said Nyondo.

She further said, they conduct several fundraising to raise funds to fulfill the two objectives.

The nurses on duty in the male ward were very grateful for the donation and also encouraged the group to continue with charity work.

Participants of the leadership seminar
St Francis de Sales Parish Holds Leadership Seminar

By Wallace Nyirongo*

The Pastoral Team of St Francis de Sales Parish of Karonga Diocese organised a one-day leadership seminar which drew participants from local parish councils, Catholic Women Organization, Sacred Heart of Jesus, choir, youth, catechists and priests.

The seminar, which was facilitated by Father Albert Chirwa of St Denis Parish in Mzuzu Diocese, dwelt on the ultimate end of all evangelisation work, “salvation for all’.


“Spiritual needs of the people are what leaders should strive to address and promote. Therefore, servant leadership is required from each one of you as you discharge your duties. Jesus Christ showed us how to lead others and so we are to embrace that,”

“Christian leaders lead by example, are visionary, persevering, mature, transparent, humble and are able to empower others,” Said Father Chirwa.

Leaders were cautioned to refrained from things that might make them fail in their service. He urged them to guard themselves against tendencies such as laziness, pride, jealousy, drunkenness, corruption, and love for money which are capable of ruining their ministry. He further urged the participants to strive to be in full communion always.

Participants were also called to reflect on marriage values that are being compromised.

“Love is no longer a uniting factor in marriage. There are marriage breakups due to adherence to cultural values that contradict the values of Christian marriage; love for money has become a basis for marriage breakups,” said Father Chirwa.

St Francis de sales Parish, which was officially inaugurated by Right Reverend Martin Anwel Mtumbuka of the Diocese of Karonga and handed over to Fathers of Francis de Sales on 4th of May 2019, has over 2000 members from seven outstations.

*Wallace Nyirongo is Catechetical Methodology Advisor for St Francis de Sales Parish

One of the participants receiving her certificate
Karonga Diocese-Teveta Grooms 142 Youth in Vocational Skills

By Norbert Tambalamtuwa Mzembe

142 youth from violent prone areas in Karonga, Rumphi and Chitipa districts have been awarded certificates for successfully completing a six months course in the fields of Carpentry and Joinery, Brick Laying and Tailoring, Fashion and Designing.

Caritas Secretary, Mwawi Shaba says Karonga Diocese through the Bishop Martin Mtumbuka planned to reach out to many youths who would have been left out by the formal vocational training programmes.

“A greater part of the country’s population is occupied by the youth who have nothing to do hence they opt for violent acts particularly in Karonga. This initiative, therefore, was also meant to groom the youth to become reliable citizens of this nation,” Shaba said.

He further acknowledged the sister of  Archdiocese of Bamberg and Archdiocese of Freiburg in Germany for their support towards the training of about 142 youths who have received certificates out of 150 that were enrolled. They were drawn from Chiweta, Mwenilondo, Mpata, Pusi-Chakwera and Mwanjawala communities.

He pleaded with the TEVETA Executive Director to organize a further training for the graduates to have skills in entrepreneurship so that they are able to sustain themselves through the sale of their products.

Speaking on behalf of the graduating students Phillip Mwangolera commended the initiative by the diocese to train them to become good and self-reliant citizens through the skills they have acquired.

“I was one of the most trouble makers in Mwenilondo who could accept bribes from organisers of violent acts to incite violence, but now I have something to fend for myself and relatives. My plea to the Diocese and TEVETA is that this should not be a once off initiative,” said Mwangolera.  

However, the District Youth officer for Karonga who represented the District Commissioner, Lapken Liwago stressed on National Youth Policy which stipulates that young people must be empowered economically. He hailed the Diocese and TEVETA for adding value to the policy.

TEVETA Executive Director, Wilson Nkhoma said he is pleased to have partnered with the Diocese to train the youth in various vocational skills. Above all, he commended the trainers for tirelessly training the youth through competent-based skills, who were also trained further to become competent trainers.

“As TEVETA, we believe that the youth can employ themselves through vocational skills and become self-reliant if they can put their heart and effort on such skill without actually advertising themselves but through quality products,” said Nkhoma.

Speaking on behalf of the Bishop of the Karonga Diocese, the guest of honor during the graduation event, Father Cyprian Ngoma of Kasantha Parish said unemployment rate is high leading to moral decadence among the youth. He said the Church believes that the graduates will now become instruments of peace in the society.

Father Ngoma added that the Diocese has only given them an eye opener by giving them certificates but the journey to achieve their goal still remains in their hands.