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College of Consultors

Every diocese is required to have a College of Consultors, drawn from among members of the Presbyteral Council.  The College of Consultors was introduced into the diocesan structures to deal with matters which are more appropriately dealt with by a smaller group. It aids the diocesan bishop in administering the temporal goods of the diocese. It also provides a ready source of advice to the bishop in matters of an urgent nature. In summary, the main purpose of the College of Consultors is:

  1. To assist the diocesan bishop in certain areas of administration of the Diocese according to the norms of Canon Law and these statutes.
  2. To provide for the governance of the Diocese, according to the norms of law when the see is vacant or impeded.

The following are members of the College of Consultors:

  1. Monsignor Lorent Dziko
  2. Fr. Cecilio Silwamba
  3. Father Nazario Caparanga
  4. Fr. Joseph Sikwese

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