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Kalenge YCS Members Urged to Lead Exemplary Life

Kalenge YCS Members Urged to Lead Exemplary Life

By Brian Kachitete

Father Lorent Dziko of St John Paul II has urged YCS Members of Kalenge CDSS to be exemplary and lead a purpose driven life is they have to achieve great things.

Father Laurent Dziko, made this call when he presided over farewell ceremony at Kalenge CDSS which falls under his parish.

In his reflection, which was based on the parable of the Good Samaritan, Father Dziko said YCS members should always see what is happening around them, judge and act accordingly like the Good Samaritan who acted, upon seeing a man who was left half dead by the robbers. He stressed that YCS members should not just sit and watch when things are not going on well.

Father Dziko encouraged the students to work had and be focused in their studied. He urged them to set right goals and work towards achieving them rather than drifting aimlessly.

“Life without goals is useless, so you must set goals,” said Father Dziko.  

The farewell ceremony was aimed at bidding farewell to Form Four Students who are leaving the school at the end of their Malawi School Certificate of Education examinations. For the continuing students, it was also meant to wish each other well as they go on long holiday.  

“We thought of coming together today to say bye to our friends who have written their final examinations and are heading for other endeavors. We want to thank them for the time we spent together at this school. We also want to wish them well as they move to another step of their academic life,” said Davie Kayini YCS Chairperson.

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