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Archives November 2023

150 Dry Spell Survivors Receive Maize Donation

By Tawonga Chisale – TFM

About 150 dry spell survivors from Karonga South particularly of Lemero area have received relief maize donation from the Catholic Diocese of Karonga.

According to the Bishop’s and Pastoral Secretary of the Diocese, Father Robert Songa, the Diocese thought it wise to distribute a 50 kilogram of maize to each dry spell survivor because they see people suffering from hunger due to low crop yield which resulted from the dry spell that hit the district.

Father Songa shaking hands with a beneficiary who is flanked by Catholic Scouts
Father Songa shaking hands with a beneficiary who is flanked by Catholic Scouts

“The severe dry spell that hit the district gave us an indication that there will be hunger in the district. So as sought for financial support from people of the good will from Germany. They Church in Need responded immediately with a MK 24 million donation which we have used to buy maize which we are distributing in the Karonga and parts of Rumphi, particularly those people affected by the dry spell,” Father Songa said.

Father Songa added that the distribution of maize will be done in phases and each person will receive 50 kg bag of maize.

Father Songa has however urged people of good will to come in the district with any kind of support so that dry spell survivors should not perish due to starvation.

Commenting on the development, one of the beneficiaries Esther Kasimba commended the Diocese for the donation which she termed as timely as her family was already struggling to get food due the prolonged dry spell which hit the district in February this year.

 “We are very delighted with the donation that the Diocese of Karonga is offering to us and it is my plea that everyone who has received the donation should not to sell it,” Kasimba said.

Karonga Diocese Dares Politicians

By Winkly Mwaulambo – TFM

The Catholic Diocese of Karonga has asked Christians not to be hand clappers of unrealistic political leaders who only show up when they need votes and varnish when people are in need.

Father Robert Songa speaking during the function
Father Robert Songa speaking during the function

Bishop’ and Pastoral Secretary of the Diocese Father Robert Songa made this call yesterday when he presided over a relief distribution ceremony of maize to people who were affected by the dry spell at Lemero Outstation.

Father Songa said it is pathetic to see people in immense challenges which ought to be solved by leaders they chose to represent them, but they are doing nothing in such areas.

“Its high time we have been hearing and seeing people clapping hands for such leaders promising heaven on earth during campaign times, but when voted into power they do not come back to the people’s rescue,” Father Songa bemoaned.

“Challenges are really hitting people hard in various societies, no medicine in hospitals, prices of goods are soaring every day, farmers cannot afford fertilizer, number of beneficiaries of AIP have dwindled this year, yet we have leaders who can bring solutions but we are seeing nothing at all,” Father Songa added.

He therefore, called on citizens to be vigilant and tell their leaders the truth when thing are not good they not fear them.

“I would want to remind you that the duty of politicians is not buying coffins when someone in your village dies. Do not only dance for them to give you a handouts which will not even sustain you, but tell them to develop your communities. Let them respond to your needs,” he further said.

Meanwhile, Father Songa has assured Christians of continued support from the diocese while advising them to take care of the food items they have received because it takes people of good will to provide such support.

Karonga Diocese with financial support of MK 24 million from Church in Need of Germany has reached out to 150 households which were affected by dry spell, and the distribution will also go to other parts of the diocese.

Orientation workshop participants

By Wantwa Mwakasungula

As a way of creating a safer and conducive learning environment in Catholic schools under the Diocese of Karonga, Safeguarding Office of the Diocese has today oriented Boarding Masters and Mistresses on Safeguarding Policy with the aim of protecting students in these schools against harm in line with Catholic Social Teaching.

Orientation workshop participants
Orientation workshop participants

The Diocesan Safeguarding Officer, Vincent Bwinga said the training aimed at reminding these teachers and other officers working in these schools on the importance of the Safeguarding Policy which protects children and vulnerable adults.

Bwinga further encouraged teachers and workers who work within Catholic institutions to take part in making sure that people are being supported accordingly without any violation.

Speaking to Tuntufye FM Online, one of the Boarding Masters, from St Mary’s Karonga Girls Secondary School, Ronald Chiona said this training will help them to do their job in a safer environment as students will realize the reason why they are at school.

He added that students are subjected to several abuses which affect their performance at school, but with these trainings they will able to reduce such abuses.

These Boarding Masters and Mistresses came from all Catholic Secondary Schools in Karonga Diocese.