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Picture of Some of the participants
St John Paul II Parish Youth Urged to Desist from Violence

By Brian Kachitete (Methodology Advisor)

The Diocesan Youth Chaplain for Karonga Diocese, Father Robert Songa, has called on Catholic youths of St John Paul II Parish to desist from being used as instruments of violence to victimise vulnerable people.

Picture of Some of the participants
Some of the participants

Father Songa said this on 12th February at Kapoka where young people had a day long with the aim of equipping them in church leadership and decision making.

Addressing the youth, Father Songa said the practice of beating or killing people suspected of witchcraft has no room in the Catholic Church.

The training was aimed at empowering youths with skills that would enable them to participate effectively in the affairs of their parish. During the training, the youths were urged to work hard and be innovative if their contribution to the church and the nation is to be recognised.

On the challenges facing the youths, the participants were challenged to tap from the existing treasury of Church teachings which have an enabling environment that will fully develop their potentials.

The Parish Priest, Father Charles Peter Chinula drilled the youth in leadership and decision making skills. In his lessons, he a leader has to be accommodating and be a good decision maker to advance the goals of the group. Father Chinula urged the youth to stand firm and assume leadership positions in the Church as the Church needs them more.

The chairperson for the youth in St. John Paul II Parish Andrew Nyondo, described the training as fruitful and thanked all who made it possible for the training to take place. On behalf of fellow participants, he promised to put into practice the lessons learnt.

St John Paul II is a newly established parish branching from St Michael’s Parish.

Picture of Quiz session in progress at St Joseph the Worker Cathedral
Karonga Diocese Youth Chaplaincy Helping Youths to Develop Strong Faith

By Adams Mwenelupembe

The Youth Chaplaincy of the Diocese of Karonga is committed to deliver programmes aimed at helping young people to develop strong faith.

Father Songa made these remarks when he presided over Karonga Deanery youth quiz and sports league competition at St Joseph the Worker Cathedral. The competitions targeted senior Sunday school youth and involved Bible and catechism quiz, and football and netball matches (Tuntufye Trophy).

Picture of Quiz session in progress at St Joseph the Worker Cathedral
Quiz session in progress at St Joseph the Worker Cathedral

Father Songa cited, for example, the teaching of the New Catechism which is helping young people of the Diocese to grow in faith. He cited quiz as an example of checking whether or not these young people are getting the most out of their lessons.

Father Songa expressed that he was satisfied with the great improvement in answering questions posed in the exercise. He expressed need to do more in reaching the youth with the gospel, liturgy and catechism of the Catholic Church.

Quiz is recorded and aired on Tuntufye FM Radio which helps those in other areas of the Diocese to learn through the radio. Furthermore Father Songa encouraged these youths to be listening to the radio to learn more about the catholic faith.

Father Songa further asked all priests, catechists, and teachers in the Diocese of Karonga to take seriously the teaching and ongoing formation of these youths so that they develop strong faith for their salvation.

He also revealed that his office is running a programme of building youth’s capacity in conflict management and peace building. This he said will help curb violent conflicts that are on the rise in the jurisdiction of Karonga Diocese.

Father Songa said the Youth Task Force will continue working together with the Diocesan Pastoral Office to ensure that youth programmes are delivered and achieved in all parishes of the Diocese. He also hinted that his office will hold regular meetings with parish youth chaplains to discuss ways of helping young people receive the Good news of salvation.

And one of the participants, Arthur Prosper Mwenibabu from St Steven’s Parish, said there is need for frequent activities of this nature for them to grow in faith and be able be able to defend the Catholic faith.

Picture of The winning team: St Steven's youth team posing before the match
The winning team: St Steven’s youth team posing before the match

St Anne’s Parish will represent Karonga Deanery quiz at the Diocesan level and in sports St Steven’s Parish will represent Karonga Deanery. The Sunday School Project is funded by the Coppel’s Family in Mexico.