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Marriage Tribunal


The Catholic Church teaches that marriage is an intimate, exclusive, equal, loving and permanent partnership of a man and a woman, which exists for the good of the spouses and the procreation and education of children. Marriage is brought into being by the voluntary and deliberate exchange of consent of the parties. For the good of all concerned, every marriage (whether of Catholics or non-Catholics) is presumed valid until proven otherwise.

While the Catholic Church upholds the dignity, sacredness, and permanence of marriage, it cannot ignore the reality of separation and divorce in our society. The marriage tribunal is one of the many ways through which the Church ministers to those struggling in broken marriages.

The current head of the Marriage Tribunal is the Judicial Vicar Father Doctor Steven Bulambo. As Judicial Vicar, Father Bulambo leads, manages and coordinates the Tribunal of the Diocese of Karonga which is an important pastoral tool of the Diocese by assisting the faithful who need their marriage cases attended to so that they can return to sacramental life.

“In carrying out this difficult but noble task… you will assist many Christians to acquire a closer union with our risen Lord through his sacraments,” Bishop Martin Mtumbuka.