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Lusubilo Orphan Care

Lusubilo Orphan Care

Brief background of the organization

Lusubilo Community Based Orphan Care was established in 1997 by Sister Beatrice Chipeta, of the Sisters of the Holy Rosary. Initially, Sr. Beatrice began by visiting the villages in Karonga and worked with communities in assisting the sick and orphans, as a pastoral activity. Lusubilo’s obligation is to motivate and empower communities so that they can promote an environment where orphans, the needy, and the elderly are fully cared for. Lusubilo has a strong affiliation to the Catholic Church, thus catholic teachings and ethos are observed at all times. Lusubilo serves both Catholics and non-Catholics.

Governance and Management of Lusubilo

Lusubilo has a board of governors, which is responsible for the general administration of the organization. The board is composed of members who are appointed by the Diocesan Bishop. The organization is headed by the Director who collaborates with the Bishop of Karonga diocese, who is also the administrative and ecclesiastical head of the diocese.

Unique features of the organization

The beneficiaries of Lusubilo services are the priority of the organization. It is for this reason that all the emphasis, energy and the utilization of resources aim at meeting clients’ needs first. This is in respect to the founder’s dream,

I would like to make a project of a difference, (Sr. Beatrice Chipeta).

Lusubilo is in partnership with the Coppel family, Catholic Relief Services, the Government of Malawi, through its districts offices especially in Karonga, and Chitipa. It also works with traditional leaders and other non- governmental organizations.  The organization has a vibrant working force, motivated by the Director’s visionary and focused leadership. It has frequent review meetings to make sure that its operations are meeting the needs of the clients.

Mission, core values and core values

Lusubilo aims to work towards meeting its vision; ‘that they may have life and live in full’ (John 10:10). This is done through commitment to its mission statement, ‘to empower the communities to holistically care and support for orphans, vulnerable children and adults.

Lusubilo is guided by the following core values:

  • Faithfulness to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church as expressed in the Sacred Scripture and Catholic Tradition.
  • Respect for the sanctity of human life from conception to a natural death.
  • Active advocacy for social justice
  • Talent and ability strengthening. The organization shall work to assist clients in developing and strengthening their God-given talents and abilities
  • Preferential option for the poor and vulnerable
  • Recognition of the diversity by providing services, according to the catholic social teaching to people of various economic, social, religious, racial or ethnic backgrounds.
  • Adherence to responsible stewardship
  • Commitment to professionalism
  • Partnership with parishes and others of good will to strengthen services to clients
  • Ministering to the physical, mental and spiritual needs of those we serve.

Programs under Lusubilo

Monitoring of the organizational projects

Lusubilo has a string monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning system. Through the Monitoring and Evaluation officer, data bases for Lusubilo are well informed to commendably run the organizational projects.


Director Vitumbiko Ngwira
email: vitu8819@gmail.com
For more information visit Lusubilo website on http://www.lusubilo.org