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Catechetical Desk

Catechetical Desk

The Diocese of Karonga introduced the Catechetical Material Production Desk in September 2015. The main tasks of the catechetical material productions unit are:

  • coordinating the production of catechetical material for use in the diocese; typing, proofreading and editing approved catechetical, spiritual and pastoral materials for various groups in the diocese,
  • preparing catechetical, spiritual and pastoral material for radio programmes (Tumbuka and English) translating documents/ communication from the Bishop/ ECM for radio (and other forums)

Recently, the Desk has been tasked to help in implementing the Virtual Learning Community for Faith Formation (VLCFF) in collaboration with the Institute for Pastoral Instruction of the University of Dayton. The main aim of this partnership is to help in the training of catechists, catechetical leaders and catholic school teachers

The currently lead person is Mr. Ignatius Mvula.