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Junior Sunday School Children In Exchange Visit

Junior Sunday School Children In Exchange Visit

By Benedict Masudi Kauteka

Forty five (45) junior Sunday school (JSS) children from St Denis Parish in the Diocese of Mzuzu, in the company of their six (6) instructors, visited their fellow children at St Anne’s Parish of Karonga Diocese from 8th to 11th August, 2019. This was a return visit as children from St Anne’s Parish visited them last year. This visit was meant to cement their relationship in Christ.

Speaking on behalf of JSS children from St Denis Parish, Tapiwa Moyo pointed out that their four day visit was enriching as they have exchanged a number of skills, values, attitudes, experiences and knowledge, with their fellow children from St Anne’s, which will help deepen their faith.

“We have learnt a lot from our colleagues here. For instance, a song of peace done just after receiving Holy Communion,” said Tapiwa. She said the song of peace communicates important Christian values worth living.

In addition, Matthews Kaira, one of the instructors from St Denis acknowledged that the children have learnt quite a lot from St Anne’s Parish JSS children, like a new tune of the Creed. He further said they have also learnt the extended version of the Gloria hymn.

Henry Mtonga, a junior Sunday school instructor at St Anne’s Parish also appreciated the activities which are done by junior Sunday school children together with their instructors.

“We have learnt, among other things, the administration monthly tests based on the instruction given to children,” said Henry in his remarks.

Junior Sunday school children from Rumphi perform a number of activities at their parish which include visiting and cheering the sick, visiting the elderly, attending instructions every Saturday, and leading liturgy.

On Liturgy, they do a number of activities which include performing the role of the usher, taking the readings, preaching and leading in singing.

It is the expectation of instructors and children from both parishes to see their relationship growing and enriching each other spiritually. Children were full of joy as they interacted with each other.

Children from St Denis presented gifts to their fellow children from St Anne’s. The presented gifts included items such as plastic cups, plastic plates and plastic bucket as shown on the pictures.

Finally, Rev. Fr. Dr. Steven Bulambo expressed his gratitude for the role played by junior Sunday children from the two parishes in the liturgy as almost everything was done by them. They took the readings, intercessions and led the singing during the service.

In his remarks, Rev. Fr. Dr. Steven Bulambo, the celebrant, advised parents to take care of their children for them to grow in faith and become responsible future and today’s Christians.

“It is the responsibility of every parent to ensure their children assimilate appropriate values, especially the Gospel values, for them to inherit God’s kingdom,” he said with emphasis.

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