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Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish Holds Sunday School Review Conference

The catechist stressing on data collection strategy
Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish Holds Sunday School Review Conference

By Paul Mwandira

The office of the Catechetical Methodology Advisor of Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish organized 2019 Sunday school evaluation conference. The meeting was organized with the support from the Sunday School Desk which is implanting the Sunday School Project with financial support from the Coppel Family.

The conference attracted 41 Sunday school instructors from three outstations under the parish and was held under the theme, “Starting 2020 with new ideas”. The conference aimed at improving delivery standards of instructors in the parish.

Instructors after receiving gifts
Instructors after receiving gifts

Opening the conference, Father Lorent Dziko of the Parish urges Sunday school instructors to grasp the fully attend to what the facilitators were to deliver in order to grasp the content properly.

“It is a privilege for us here at Immaculate Heart of Mary to have this meeting. Our aim is not to pass time or just to fulfil an obligation for formality’s sake. We have to keep in mind that the goal of this, our ministry, is to see the face of God at the end of this life,” said Father Dziko.

The conference brought together facilitators with expertise in different fields to help instructors improve their delivery methods and also content to deliver. Among the facilitators were Rev, Fr Lorent Dziko, Methodology Advisor Paul Mwandira, Mr Mbale from Lusubilo, and the local catechist Mr Elias Kalagho.

During the gathering, instructors went away with prizes for being more dedicated in the year 2019. A total of 38 instructors were give solar radios and solar bulbs. 7 prayer centres were selected to be outstanding and went away with assorted gifts.

Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish was raised to be Sub-Parish on 01st January, 2019 and was elevated to parish status on 11th October, 2019 by Right Rev Martin Anwel Mtumbuka, Bishop of the Diocese of Karonga. Currently, the parish has 72 instructors for both junior and senior Sunday school. Fathers of the Congregation of Immaculate Conception of Mary, who visited the Diocese recently, are expected to open a mission station at the parish in the year 2020.

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