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Uniting Faith and Action: Pastoral Secretary Encourages Integration of Catholic Social Teachings in Community Transformation Project

The Pastoral and Bishop’s Secretary for Karonga Diocese Father Robert Songa has challenged officers in Community Transformation Project to embrace unity of purpose and incorporate spiritual aspect of Catholic Social Teachings as they are working towards the implementation project so that it gives an identiy in line with the Catholic Teachings and the “We Shall Go to Them” the diocesean motto.

Father Songa said this after a review meeting of the first quarter for the Project that took place in Chitipa from Tuesday till Thursday.

The meeting in progress.

“We have to be united in purpose because the Community Transformation Project is a program with different aspects in it like agriculture, education, nutrition, health and the spiritual aspects all these are meant to evangelize and develop a person as a whole as such the officers have to get focused on a human person as a whole as well” Father Songa said.

Karonga Diocese Pastoral Secretary Father Robert Songa.

Furthermore, Father Songa vividly asked the officers to reach out to those who are lacking not those are already equipped with life’s need and encouraged the beneficiaries to expect improvement where there were errors because they will be evaluated after the review meeting and will be implemented accordingly.

Karonga Diocese Caritas Secretary Mwabi Shaba.

Meanwhile in a separate interview with the Caritas Secretary for the Diocese Mwabi Shaba the Community Transformation Project is a five years program as such there is need to invest in a lot of time to understand the community dynamics but all in all the project is going on well.

By Trifornia Mtawali

Picture of A cross section of participants during the meeting
Pastoral Commission Holds Review Meeting

By Moses Raymond Kamanga

Two heads are better than one is an old adage but its relevance is ever new. Believing in this adage, the Pastoral Commission of the Diocese of Karonga has brought together all its key players in the Commission to review some of the activities it carries out for better continuity.

Picture of A cross section of participants during the meeting
A cross section of participants during the meeting

Opening the meeting at Viphya Lodges in Chilumba, Father Joseph Sikwese, Head of Pastoral Section and the Bishop’s Secretary, mentioned that the meeting is necessary because it gives a better chance for interfacing, bringing ideas together, sharing challenges and together moving forward as a unit as “two heads are better than one”.

“The meeting is important because it brings all players in the Pastoral Commission together. We have Parish Priests from all the parishes in the Diocese, Chaplains, Catechetical Methodology Advisors and other stakeholders including the diocesan radio (Tuntufye FM Radio)” said Fr Sikwese.  Also in attendance is Monsignor Denis Chitete, who is the Vicar General, Chairperson of the Diocesan Pastoral Commission and Administrator of St. Joseph the Worker Cathedral.

The meeting scheduled for two days (27th and 28th of February) is aimed at among others receiving reports from departments under the Pastoral Commission and reviewing the Sunday School Project activities and ironing out challenges for effective pastoral ministry.

In an exclusive interview with the Chairperson of the Pastoral Commission, Monsignor Denis Chitete, stressed that the review meetings of this kind are very beneficial for they help to look back and check where things have gone well to be upheld and those that have posed challenges to be done in a better way.

“In general terms, I would say the Pastoral Commission has been on a good pace and the reports are encouraging. From the time we launched and started using our new catechism, we have made a lot progress,” said Monsignor Chitete.