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One of the graduating students
Miracle Technical Institute Holds 17th Graduation Ceremony

By Maureen Soko

The 105 graduating students from Miracle Technical Institute in Karonga District have been advised to utilize the skills they have gained in order to make a difference.

The board chairperson for Miracle Technical Institute Father Mike Jun made the call on Thursday at the 17th graduation ceremony.

Director of Miracle Technical Institute, Bro Pacharo Mfune, captured during the ceremony
Director of Miracle Technical Institute, Bro Pacharo Mfune, captured during the ceremony

Father Jun said acquisition of the certificate alone is not the end of road but the impact they will make.

Father Jun advised the graduating students to be resilient when they face challenges, to be creative and be of high integrity since they are coming from an institution which emphasizes Christian values.

Furthermore, he advised the graduates not to wait for someone to help them but start using entrepreneurial skills they have acquired to develop their own businesses.

Mr Richard Hara (R) receives a token of appreciation from Bro Mfune
Mr Richard Hara (R) receives a token of appreciation from Bro Mfune

Concurring with Father Jun, District Commissioner of Karonga Mr. Richard Hara, who was the guest of honour at the function, said the students should consider going into entrepreneurship.

“We are advising you to consider going into entrepreneurship so that you can help in creating jobs for the jobless. We want you to demonstrate the skills you have acquired in your companies,” said Hara

Most of the trades you have trained in do not require intensive capital. What is needed is to change mindset. You need to change the mentality that when you have finished school you have to be employed,” added Hara.

Richard Hara also hailed the school’s initiative in training the youth in vocational skills, saying it is in line with government’s development plans that seek to equip the youth with various skills to develop the country.

In his remarks, the Director of Miracle Technical Institute, Bro Pacharo Mfune hailed the cordial relationship which exists between the college and TEVETA which dates back to 2005, when the institute was accredited.

Miracle Technical Institute Choir
Miracle Technical Institute Choir

Out of the 105 graduates, 51 have attained qualifications in technical courses while 54 underwent training in commercial courses.


Picture of Brother Pachalo watering the tree he planted
Miracle Technical Institute in Tree Planting Exercise

By Norbert Mzembe

In living the spirit of Laudato Si, which calls for care of the environment, Miracle Technical Institute in Karonga embarked on a tree planting exercise to replace trees cut in the course of construction work and practical training in carpentry and joinery, and bricklaying.

The institute, which falls under the Catholic Diocese of Karonga, partnered with  Technical Entrepreneurial and Vocational Training Authority (TEVETA) to carry out the exercise during which 3000 seedlings were planted at the school’s campus.

Picture of Brother Pachalo watering the tree he planted
Brother Pachalo watering the tree he planted

Speaking during the launch of the exercise, Brother Pachalo Joseph Mfune, Director of the institute admitted that the school has for decades been an enemy of the environment by cutting down trees without replacing them. He said the management decided to embrace nature by replanting trees where they are cut, because the college relies much on trees for most of its activities.

“Over the past ten years the college has some many activities that led to excessive cutting down of trees for the construction work without replacement,” he said.

TEVETA Regional Service Centre Manager for the north, Conceptor Kachoka said it remains their responsibility to nurture the environment by planting trees, especially at Miracle Technical Institute, because they promote technical courses like carpentry and Joinery (CJ), bricklaying and others which demand more trees.

She then urged students and all members of staff at the college to look after the trees they have planted for the benefit of the future generation.

During the exercise, at least 3000 tree seedlings were planted within the college campus and every student from each department was assigned to plant eleven (11) seedlings which they are expected to take care of.

TEVETA thereafter, promised to give tokens of appreciation to students whose trees will survive as a way of motivating them to nurture the trees.

This was the first time for Miracle Technical to replace the trees that the college has been using in the construction of facilities such as classroom blocks and furniture.

Picture of Francis Kasaila (in golf shirt) listens to a presentation from Fashion and Designing Instructor
Minister of Labour Tours Miracle Technical Institute

By Maureen Soko

The Minister of Labour Youth and Manpower Development, Francis Kasaila, has expressed satisfaction with the work Miracle Technical Institute is doing in training young people in various vocational skills.

The Minister made these remarks when he visited Miracle Technical Institute on 11th January, 2018, as part of his familiarization tour of technical colleges in the Northern Region of Malawi.

Picture of Francis Kasaila (in golf shirt) listens to a presentation from Fashion and Designing Instructor
Francis Kasaila (in golf shirt) listens to a presentation from Fashion and Designing Instructor

Speaking after touring the vocational training facility, the Minister said he was pleased with the good work the college was doing in preparing young people for the future.

In his remarks, he said he was happy with the courses offered by the college which include Hotel Management and Catering.

“I am delighted with the courses you are offering some of which are not offered by most colleges in the Northern Region. Graduates of Hotel Management and Catering, for example, are marketable as they easily find jobs in the expanding tourism sector.” He said.

Hon. Kasaila further praised the college for being one of the pioneers of SPVET (Solar Photovoltaic Electrical Training) Programme, which is aimed at increasing access to electricity to many Malawians.

“As you all know, about 90% of Malawians do not have access to electricity, hence the coming in of this programme,” said Kasaila.

On another note, the Minister asked the authorities at the institution to increase intake to accommodate more young people who wish to acquire vocational skills.

Speaking on behalf of Miracle Technical Institute, the Director, Brother Joseph Pachalo Mfune, said the institute will continue to offer the very best to the students for them to effectively contribute to the development of this country.

Brother Mfune said the school is failing to complete some of the construction projects they embarked on due to financial constraints. However, he expressed hope that they will be able to complete the work with help from the partners, such as TEVETA and European Union.

Miracle Technical Institute opened its doors in 1999. To date the college has successfully trained 2500 young men and women in various vocational skills.