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Picture of Interplast Team at Chitipa District Hospital
INTERPLAST Team in Second 2018 Visit to Karonga Diocese

By Vincent Shaba

The second INTERPLAST Team (Orthopedic Surgical Specialists) arrived on the 24th of February from Germany to assist people with plastic and surgical ailments.  This team comprises of 5 people including Doctors, Nurses, Anesthetists and assistants. The Specialists deal with conditions including fractures, cleft lips and palates, malformation of hands/legs, extensive burn scars and bone and soft tissue tumours. Additionally, this team has a specialist in goiter operations.

Picture of Interplast Team at Chitipa District Hospital
Interplast Team at Chitipa District Hospital

The team was happy on arrival and looking forward to work with the local team of Chitipa District Hospital. The relationship between Interplast and local practitioners has been good.

The last team that visited Malawi last January had successful surgical operations. They assisted 82 patients within a period of 2 weeks. Another team is expected to arrive in the country in April and will operate from Karonga.

Thanks to the Interplast organisation for this great work.

Picture of Interplast team arriving in Karonga
Interplast Specialists Arrive in Malawi to Conduct Free Surgery

By Vincent Shaba (Health Desk Officer)

Interplast, a team of German specialist doctors, arrived in Malawi on 13th January, 2018 to provide free surgery to people with different conditions including facial malformation. Dr. Shidelko, the team leader, and his team will start assisting patients on the Monday, 15 January, at Chitipa District Hospital.

Picture of Interplast team arriving in Karonga
Interplast team upon arrival in Karonga

In this first visit of the year, the specialists will assist people with a number of conditions including facial malformations, cleft lips and palates, malformation of hands, extensive burn scars, tumours located on head and skin, disabilities due to accidents, wound or other diseases which require the skills of plastic surgery.

All patients with related conditions are advised to go to nearest health facilities to be assessed and referred to Chitipa District Hospital when necessary. At Chitipa District Hospital, assessment of patients is done jointly by Interplast Team and Malawian clinicians. The joint assessment serves a twofold purpose for local clinicians; they help in language translation and it is also a learning experience for them.

A second team from Interplast that operates on goiters will arrive at Chitipa district Hospital on the 23rd of February, 2018. They will spend two weeks.

The team members started visiting Malawi, and specifically Karonga Diocese, in February, 2016 upon the request from his Lordship, Bishop M. Mtumbuka during one of his visits to Germany.

Since the initial team’s visit, there have been more than eight teams coming to Karonga Diocese at different times of the year and have since assisted more than a hundred patients.

Generally, the teams appreciate the friendliness of people in Malawi and are geared to assist those with orthopedic problems. However, they also observe a couple of challenges practicing orthopedic in Malawi including inadequate human and material resources from the previous visits.

Interplast, is an association of Orthopedic Surgical Specialist from Germany that provides plastic surgery free of charge to people in developing countries. The objective of Interplast is to integrate people with malformation back into the society.