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Some of the pieces of medical equipment
Medical Missionaries Donate Assorted Pieces of Medical Equipment to Karonga Diocese

By Vincent Shaba

The Diocese of Karonga recently received a timely donation of assorted medical equipment from a US based Catholic Charity Medical Missionaries.

Some of the pieces of medical equipment
Some of the pieces of medical equipment

A container carrying the medical equipment arrived in the country in March this year. Among the many pieces of medical equipment were oxygen concentrators, nebulizers, and bed pans. In addition the container carried single use materials like syringes, gloves and catheters of various sizes.

The Medical Missionaries donated the items at the request of the Bishop Martin Anwel Mtumbuka of the Diocese of Karonga when he visited United States of America last year. The shipping cost was paid for by the Mathile Family Foundation, who also paid for the construction of St Mary’s Girls Secondary School.

These items have been distributed among Catholic health institutions in the Dioceses of Karonga and Mzuzu. Among the beneficiary health facilities in Karonga Diocese are Kaseye, St. Anne’s, Chisenga, Atupele and Hope Clinic.

Most of these facilities are situated in remote area where people in catchment area have low household income hence services are at times rendered on credit or for free due as most people cannot afford the services.

Thus donation has come at the right time as these facilities have a huge demand of such equipment.