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Picture of File photo: Examinations in progress
Education Desk Administers Catholic National Secondary School Entrance Examinations

By Solomon Manda

The Education Desk of the Diocese of Karonga administered the 2018 Catholic National Examinations on the Saturday, 26th of May, 2018 in all its respective parishes. A total of 412 candidates sat for the examinations.

Picture of File photo: Examinations in progress
File photo: Examinations in progress

Two primary school teachers and one secondary teacher were deployed to administer the examinations as invigilator and supervisor respectively. The exercise went on well in all centres and answer sheets were collected and sent to the Education Desk office.

The exams were distributed to parishes on 24 May for all parishes in Karonga Deanery and on 25th for all parishes in Chitipa Deanery.  For Karonga Deanery the exams were distributed by Philip Chisi and Solomon Manda whereas in Chitipa Deanery the exams were distributed by Thomas Chauzuka Nyondo and Solomon Manda. The distribution exercise was successful, no inconvenience was encountered. The examinations were under the custodian of the parish priests.

On the 2nd of June, 2018, the marking exercise commenced at St Mary’s Girls Primary School. Each parish sent two markers identified by Methodology Advisors in their respective parishes. By 9am the marking exercise was in progress. Despite the pressure on the markers, by 6pm the marking and entering of results had come to its completion.

The final standardized results will be announced in due course.