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This is the official vacancies page of the Diocese of Karonga. It presents job opportunities as they arise in the Three Sections of the Diocese of Karonga, namely: Pastoral Commission, Caritas Commission, and Directorate of Finance, Investments and Administrations.

Current Vacancies:


Terms of References for an Individual Business Plan Consultant

Chipunga Farm Limited is an agribusiness wholly owned by the Diocese of Karonga. Chipunga Farm Limited comprises of three farms namely Chipunga Farm which is 22 kms north-east of Mzuzu City, Chiwela Farm in Rumphi and Mughese Farm in Misuku, Chitipa.  The total land size of the three farms is 2,500 hectares. Chipunga Farm Limited is involved in the production and marketing of high quality arabica coffee berries and macadamia nuts to generate sustainable income for the Diocese to support its pastoral work while improving the socio-economic welfare of the communities around the farms.

Apart from production and marketing of arabica coffee berries and macadamia nuts, Chiwela Farm has the potential for the production of high value horticultural crops which could boost the working capital of Chiwela Farm in particular and Chipunga Farm Ltd in general.  Chipunga Farm Limited through Karonga Diocese has identified a potential partner who is interested in raising finance for the business including supporting the production of high value horticultural crops.  However, there is need to prepare a business plan with a robust financial model.

Chipunga Farm Limited intends, therefore, to engage the services of an experienced Business Plan Consultant to prepare a bankable business plan.

Scope of work:

The Business Plan Consultant is expected to carry out the following tasks:

  1. Conduct stakeholder consultations,
  2. Conduct an analysis of the market to identify the market demand and supply for coffee, macadamia, and high value horticultural crops,
  3. Based on analysis, recommend the high value horticultural crops Chiwela Farm should be producing besides coffee and macadamia,
  4. Estimate the potential growth in the market of the above crops,
  5. Develop a financial model with five years of financial projections,
  6. Estimate the funding needs of the business and an analysis of appropriate funding instruments,
  7. Conduct an analysis of the appropriate/effective organizational structure and staffing levels for the business including staff costs,
  8. Conduct an analysis to identify key value chain actors and potential partners for each of the crops and
  9. Conduct a risk analysis of the business.

Qualifications, Professional Skills and Experience:

The consultant should have the following qualifications:

  1. Master’s Degree in Agribusiness, Agricultural Economics, Economics, Accounting and Finance and Investment,
  2. At least 5 years of experience in Business Plan development for large corporations,
  3. At least 10 years of proven experience in the agribusiness sector,
  4. Excellent report writing skills in English,
  5. Excellent analytical skills including financial modeling,
  6. Experience in conducting market analysis and
  7. Experience in raising capital for an agribusiness enterprise.


The following are expected deliverables of the consultancy assignment:

  1. Inception report detailing the approach the consultant will take to deliver the assignment. The inception report should have a proposed Business Plan format/template that the consultant will use,
  2. Complete Bankable Business Plan,
  3. Separate spreadsheet of the financial model with the three main financial statements, Sensitivity Analysis and Break Even Point Analysis that will allow Chipunga Farm Limited to adjust the projections based on the situation on the ground,
  4. Implementation Plan and
  5. A PowerPoint presentation that Chipunga Farm Limited can use for pitching the business to external funders.


The consultant is expected to complete the assignment within 60 days from the date of signing the contract.

How to apply:

The deadline for accepting application is 18th October 2021. Interested candidates should submit their application package (cv and proposal) through the following postal address:

The General Manager

Chipunga Farm Limited

P.O. Box 345




Email: fmambala@gmail.com  

The candidate should provide at least three referees of similar work done in the past. Chipunga Farm Limited may request the consultant to submit reports of previous work.