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Four Rosarian Sisters Re-Commit to Serve the Lord

Four Rosarian Sisters Re-Commit to Serve the Lord

By Moses Kamanga

It was all joy and nothing short of ululations on Tuesday, 15 August, 2017 for the four brave Rosarians Sisters who vowed to give themselves selflessly to serving God as religious Sisters. The event drew Christians and relatives from different walks of life to witness the celebration. The pinnacle of the celebration was the High Mass at St. Peters Cathedral in the city of Mzuzu presided over by His Lordship John Alphonsius Ryan, Bishop of Mzuzu and concelebrated with Bishop Martnin Anwell Mtumbuka of the Diocese of Karonga.

Before the four Sister reaffirm

Sr Ruth Deliwe Ghambi making her final vows

ed their commitment to serve the Lord as Rosarian Sisters, Bishop Ryan took the Christians and Relatives in the jam packed Cathedral through the meaning of the vows and elaborated each of the three vows (Obedience, Chastity and Poverty) in a manner a shepherd does to his flock.

Adorned in her congregation regalia (White Habit, White Veil and blue band around the waist) Sister Ruth Ghambi took to the altar, her life commitment vows to serve as a Rosarian Sister which were received and signed by the Sister Mary Kaunda the Mother General of the congregation and blessed by the Local Ordinary, Bishop Ryan. It was then the turn of Sisters Elizabeth Sezi and Cecilia Chiumia giving their renewed commitment to serve the Lord after already being in the vineyard for 25 years, Finally Sister Leonia Moyo took to the alter her rejuvenated commitment to serve as Rosarian Sister after already to doing so for the past 50 years. Sister Leonia’s work in the vineyard has seen teaching Martin Mtumbuka in the Seminary some years back who is the Bishop of the Diocese of Karonga Today.

Sr Leonia comes from St. Therese Parish (Katete) in Mzimba District, Sr Cecelia Chiumia comes from St. Johns Parish (Mzambazi) in Mzimba District, Sr Elizabeth Sezi comes from Holy Cross Parish (Nkhamenya) in Kasungu District and Sr. Ruth Ghambi comes from St. Mathias Mulumba Parish (Mughese) in Chitipa District.

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