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“We are one,” Bishop Martin Mtumbuka Welcomes a Delegation from Mzuzu Diocese

“We are one,” Bishop Martin Mtumbuka Welcomes a Delegation from Mzuzu Diocese

By Maureen Soko

“No need for an appointment to come…”

His Lordship Bishop Martin Mtumbuka of Karonga Diocese has said the bond that exists between Mzuzu and Karonga dioceses is more significant for the growth of both Dioceses.

The Bishop made these remarks when he opened a two-day learning visit to Karonga of a delegation from Mzuzu Diocese on 9th November, 2017. Leading the nine member team from Mzuzu was Father Edmond Nyoka, head of Pastoral Department. The team comprised of heads of sections and departments under Social Development, Finance and Administration and Pastoral sections.

According to Bishop Mtumbuka, the separation of the two Dioceses was not only to help smoothen the running of the diocese’s affairs. It was also meant to allow the growth of Christianity, humanity and togetherness.

“The interaction between the two Dioceses has been cordial and we always do things together. After all the two have historical connection. As you all know that, this Diocese came from Mzuzu Diocese, just to make the management of the Diocese easier.” He said.

Further, he emphasized that no one has the monopoly of the best way of doing things. “We all learn from one another. No one should claim that they have discovered all the wisdom in the world and they have put a lid on it. That only they know what is in it. No, it is wrong.”

Bishop Mtumbuka also highlighted the importance of consolidating the work of different departments under the Diocese as this portrays the true image of the Catholic Church.

In his remarks, the Head of Social Development for Mzuzu Diocese, Mr Isaac Cheke Ziba said the visit would assist them to implement their Strategic Plan. The main purpose of the visit was to learn how the consolidated system works as Mzuzu Diocese has embraced the same.

The two teams have created a solid relationship in which they have promised to learn from each other from time to time.

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