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TA Mwenemisuku Hailed for Championing Peace among His Subjects

Bishop Mtumbuka and TA Mwenemisuku
TA Mwenemisuku Hailed for Championing Peace among His Subjects

By Moses Raymond Kamanga

Bishop Martin Mtumbuka of the Diocese of Karonga has hailed Traditionl Authority Mwenemisuku for maintaining peace among his subjects and people in the area.

Bishop Mtumbuka made this remark at Misuku Center after officially launching the year of Missio Ad Gentes at which T.A. Mwenemisuku was present.

In his speech after the Eucharist Celebration, Bishop Mtumbuka noted that Mwenemisuku area has the least violence reports on record if any, as compared to other areas where the Diocese serves.

“I would like to commend you for the good job you are doing by making sure that you and your people live in peace. This is very commendable and I want you continue doing so. We as a Diocese are very happy with this and pledge to continue working with you” said Bishop Mtumbuka

Bishop Mtumbuka further advised T.A. Mwenemisuku not succumb to succession disputes caused by some chieftaincy non-lineage members who arise from nowhere and influence subjects with their wealth.

“I come from a royal family of Mwajimbura in Rumphi. It has a legacy of being 140 years. So, I know that chieftaincy succession is by blood not by wealth. So these people who come to disturb succession processes because they are rich should not be tolerated” advised Bishop Mtumbuka.

Speaking in a special interview, T.A. Mwenemisuku, whose birth name is Wedson Msukwa, disclosed that the main secret to maintaining peace is leading with humility.

“No one knows all things. As a leader I am always humble to listen to what my advisors say” acknowledged T.A. Mwenemisuku.

The Diocese of Karonga serves within the area that is under the following traditional leaders; Nthalire, Mwenewenya, Mwaulambia, Mwenemisiku, Kameme in Chitipa and Kyungu, Mwakawoko, Kilupula, Mwirang’ombe, Wasambo in Karonga District and Mwamlowe, Mwalweni and Sub T.A. Chapinduka in Rumphi District.

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