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In Malawi, access to information about nutrition is limited and the Karonga Diocese is one of the organizations on the forefront seeking to end this through its Community Transformation (CT) Project which has food and nutrition as one of its components. In this spirit, Karonga Diocese CT (Food and Nutrition) conducted cooking demonstrations in the areas of Jalawe, Chankholombe and Kopakopa which were meant to impart knowledge to its beneficiaries about the 6 groups of foods and how to cook different foods that are nutritious.

Asimenye Fumbo from Kopakopa Village cooking a meal during the demonstrations.

The cooking demonstrations were conducted by Karonga Diocese CT(Food and Nutrition) Coordinator Grace Kondowe and the training’s began with a simple Question and Answer session to refresh the participants on the 6 healthy food groups and food preservation methods. Thereafter the participants were taught recipes that they can cook with locally sourced materials and conducted practical cooking exercises under the supervision of the CT-Food and Nutrition Coordinator and volunteers.

Some of the dishes prepared during the cooking demonstrations.

“The main purpose of the training is to equip the beneficiaries with skills on how they can diversify meals and foods using locally available six food groups and how to preserve food materials that they may be available even when such foods are not in season. We encourage the people to use locally available food materials that are grown and found in the village to create the meals,” said Grace.

Some of the women cooking during the demonstration.

CT Food and Nutrition is part of the Community Transformation Project which is being implemented by the Karonga Diocese with assistance from Cross Catholic Outreach in the areas of Village Heads Jalawe, Chankholombe and Kopakopa. The materials used during the cooking demonstrations were sourced by the beneficiaries in their respective areas.


“Our families have improved a lot since the introduction of the project and we have learnt how to prepare meals that contain all six food groups making our families healthier and happier”, says Christina Harawa (53) a mother of 5 from Mulyabweka Village, T/A Chankholombe. She is one of the 1,528 beneficiaries in the Community Transformation project which the Karonga Diocese is implementing with assistance from Cross Catholic Outreach.

Christina presenting to fellow beneficiaries gathered at Chankholombe about the 6 food groups while Karonga Diocese Community Transformation Food and Nutrition Coordinator Grace Kondowe (seated) and two other beneficiaries look on.

Christina went on to further state that “We never used to know about the six food groups and as a result our families used to be malnourished, however, through the project we have gained knowledge, and we are very grateful to the Diocese for this project which has impacted our families in a positive way”.

Locally sourced foods of the 6 healthy food groups in Chankholombe on display at a food fair.

Community Transformation Project volunteer for Chankholombe area Fyness Msukwa states that she has seen changes in her community since the introduction of the project. “The community is more hygienic and healthier since the introduction of the project as we used to have different foods available in the community but did not know how to prepare them correctly for them to contain all six food groups. Our children used to get sick regularly because of malnutrition and poor hygiene but with the project, our children are healthier, and I advise fellow beneficiaries in the project to follow the instructions given to us by the project officers in-order to fully benefit from the project” she said.

Some of the 1,528 beneficiaries of the Community Transformation project gathered at Chankholombe.
Karonga Diocese Receives 5 Hectares from Kopakopa for Community Transformation Project Efforts

Karonga Diocese has been blessed with a donation of 5 hectares of land from people of GVH Kopakopa in appreciation for Community Transformation (CT) project which the Diocese is implementing in the area.

The GVH Kopakopa gave this land to the Diocese during the project’s monitoring tour on Thursday, 4 October, 2023.

GVH Kopakopa

According to the GVH this land has been given to the diocese to assist with the project’s goal which is not only to provide good health, agriculture and education but also evangelization. As such this land has to be used to build a church in this area.

In a separate interview the Parish Priest for St Ignatius (Nthalire) Parish Father Atupele Kuyokwa said this is welcome development in the sense that people will not only develop socio-economically, but also grow spiritually.

“Appreciations should go to Cross Catholic Outreach for considering a spiritual evangelization component in this project because most organizations look down on the importance of prayer life. We are grateful to GVH Kopakopa for donating a piece of land to the Church,” he said.

However, the Caritas Secretary Mwawi Shaba strongly encouraged all beneficiaries of this project to embrace the opportunity given by this project to end gender based violence and desist from accusing the elderly of practicing witchcraft because these actions will lead to the suspension of the project in this area.

By Trifornia Mtawali.

Tuntufye FM

Charting the Course: Community Transformation-CT Project Progress Meeting

A meeting on the progress of the Community Transformation-CT project is underway at the curia offices in Karonga.

The purpose of this meeting is to plan for the three days tour for the project that is being implemented in three targeted districts, Chitipa, karonga and Rumphi.

M & E Officer Simeon Bwinga presenting during the meeting.

The meeting has been graced by the presence of the International project officer for Africa from Cross Catholic Outreach Tereza Camacho.

By Trifornia Mtawali.