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Chief Mwaulambya during the official handover of land with his entourage
TA Mwaulambya Hands Over 50 Hectares of Land to Chisankhwa Catholic Outstation

By Lonely Paul Mwandira

Traditional Authority Mwaulambya of Chitipa recently allocated about 50 hectares of land to Chisankhwa Catholic Church under St Michael’s Parish in appreciation to the work the Diocese of Karonga is doing in the area.

Chief Mwaulambya during the official handover of land with his entourage
Chief Mwaulambya during the official handover of land with his entourage

Speaking during the land handover ceremony, TA Mwaulambya said he is very happy with what the Catholic Church is doing in his area.

“I’m very pleased with what the Catholic Church is doing in my area. This has prompted me to allocate more land to the Church for possible development,” said Mwaulambya.

He further cited development projects, championed by the Diocese of Karonga, such as the construction of St Ignatius Secondary School in Nthalire and St Mary’s Girls Secondary School in Karonga. He expressed satisfaction with the fast pace the Diocese of moving in to respond to the needs of the people.

On 15th July, 2016, Bishop Martin Anwel Mtumbuka of the Diocese of Karonga celebrated Mass at Chisankhwa Outstation. After the Mass, Christians complained of the long distances children walk to the nearby schools.

Bishop Mtumbuka pledged to do everything possible to help them construct a primary school, secondary school and a hospital. People in the area have molded more than one million bricks ready for other development projects.

Picture of “Jesus Paid a Heavy Price for Our Salvation” Bishop Mtumbuka
“Jesus Paid a Heavy Price for Our Salvation,” Bishop Mtumbuka

By Paul Mwandira and Maureen Soko

Bishop Martin Anwel Mtumbuka of Karonga Diocese has urged Christians to be mindful of the heavy price Jesus paid for the salvation of the world, saying his suffering is incomparable to any debt in the world.

Picture of “Jesus Paid a Heavy Price for Our Salvation” Bishop Mtumbuka
“Jesus Paid a Heavy Price for Our Salvation,” Bishop Mtumbuka

Bishop Mtumbuka said this in on Good Friday in Chitipa when he led over thousands of Christians of St Michael’s Parish in a 4 kilometer long Way of the Cross from St Kizito Conference Centre to the parish centre.

During the Way of the Cross, Christians relive the passion of Jesus Christ from his condemnation to death by Roman Governor of Palestine, Pontius Pilate, to his crucifixion, death on the cross and burial.

In his sermon, Bishop Mtumbuka exhorted Christians to guard themselves against greed for money. He called on people who get rich through corrupt means to learn from Judas Iscariot that there is no better end. For love of money, Judas Iscariot who sold Jesus Christ and later killed himself.

Furthermore, the Bishop reminded the Christians that there is no one who could have done what Jesus did. To be a Christian one needs to have a strong faith in Christ.

“Christians should know that they are not mere people; Jesus bought them by His blood.” said the Bishop.

“I want to assure you that Jesus gave his life to save us. When you receive the sacrament of Baptism, or partake His body in the Eucharist, always remember that we were bought at a very high price. This is why the saints sacrificed their lives. They did not wish to deny Him because they knew that Jesus bought them by His blood,” said Bishop Mtumbuka.

However, the Bishop said it is impossible for people to do what Jesus did for us but the least Christians can do is to fill their hearts with gratitude to Jesus and try to imitate his life.

Good Friday is the day Jesus Christ was crucified on the cross and died for the sins of the world. During the Way of the Cross, the youth of St Michael’s Parish dramatized the passion of Christ on each of the fourteen stations. The Bishop thanked the youth for their commitment to Church activities.

Picture of Father Chinula (far right) with participants and facilitators after the
St Michael’s Parish Takes Moral Lessons to Kameme CDSS YCS

By Lonely Paul Mwandira (Methodology Advisor)

With the funding from Coppel’s Family, through Karonga Diocese, St Michael’s Parish engaged Kameme Community Day Secondary School in a move to shape the future of young girls and boys.

The lessons intensively engaged learners in moral conduct of Catholic students, behaviour change process, personal hygiene and sacramental life in Roman Catholic.

Picture of Father Chinula delivering a lesson
Father Chinula delivering a lesson

Speaking during the occasion, Father Chinula, the Parish Priest of St Michael’s, stressed on the notion of morality which leads to positive change (metanoia).

“Acceptance, openness to change and courage are the only catalysts to permanent change” said Father Chinula. He further shared with the students that they are living in a world full of temptation and they will not build a better Malawi if they continue embracing worldly things.

The Parish Priest urged the students to put their Christian life and education as priorities in life. He encouraged them to read and abide by the word of God.

Picture of Father Chinula (far right) with participants and facilitators after the
Father Chinula (far right) with participants and facilitators after the lessons

Chipalamoto Nyirenda, Chitipa Field Officer of Lusubilo Orphan Care engaged the students on behavior change process. He mentored the learners to have a clear vision of their future and have role models for them to accomplish their educational goals.

“Personal hygiene forms part of Christian life. You need to keep your bodies as healthy as possible. Good personal hygiene coupled with godly life is recipe for good life and achievement of goals.” said Mrs Chilenga from Chitipa District Hospital.

Concurring with Mrs Chilenga, Paul Mwandira challenged the learners to be focused in life and not to be carried away with things that could disturb their future through total abstinence. He urged them to respect their bodies and keep themselves pure. This comes against the background that Kameme CDSS girls far prey to Tanzania men who entice them with prospects of happy marriages across the border, only to be used and refused.

The YCS patron Mr Kalagho thanked St Michael’s Parish for organizing the lessons.

Bishop Mtumbuka Urges Christians to Assess Their Encounter with Christ

By Violet Maluwa – TFM Reporter

The Bishop of Karonga Diocese Martin Anwel Mtumbuka has urged Catholic Christians to take the season of Advent as an opportunity to assess their encounter with Christ and render a helping hand to the needy.

Speaking at St Michael’s Parish in Chitipa during the First Sunday of Advent Mass, Bishop Mtumbuka urged Christians to use this season to realign and reconcile themselves with Christ.

“During this Advent season, we prepare for an encounter with Jesus Christ at Christmas; His second coming at the end of time and His coming in the Sacraments.” Said Bishop Mtumbuka.

The preparation for the triple encounter with Jesus focuses on three pillars of charity, prayer life and reconciliation with Jesus Christ, friends and relatives.

Bishop Mtumbuka further urged Christians to seriously reflect on their own death and their relationship with Christ, which is central to salvation. He said God can call us suddenly through road accident, hence the need to be prepared always to stand in his presence.

In Solidarity with St Cecilia Parish

At the same celebration, Christians made special offerings in aid of the newly established St Cecilia Parish in Mpherembe under Mzuzu Diocese. Bishop Mtumbuka said it was everyone’s responsibility to help those in need including the newly established parish. The St Cecilia Parish has numerous challenges such as lack of Rectory (Fathers House) and kitchen ware.

He added that although the Diocese of Karonga has few Christians but their generosity towards the Church in both urban and rural areas is so encouraging.

In his words, the Parish Priest of the newly founded St Cecilia Parish, Father Isaiah Nyirenda commended the generous contributions from Christians of St Michael’s Parish towards his parish.

“I thank you all for all the gifts you have offered to our new parish. What has happened today is a miracle.” Said Father Isaiah in appreciation for the numerous gifts.

In a similar event, Christians from St. Mary’s Parish in Karonga District, selflessly gave to assist St. Cecilia Parish during a Eucharistic Celebration presided over by the Curate of St. Cecilia Parish, Fr. Petros Mwale.

In his remarks, Fr. Petros Mwale expressed thanked Christians for their generosity saying that was what God expects of Christians “to be Brother’s keeper”.

Fr. Joseph Moloka Sikwese, Parish Priest of St Mary’s Parish and Pastoral Secretary of the Diocese of Karonga also commended the Christians for being other-oriented.

The Diocese will transfer all the offerings on 17th December to the newly established Parish of St Cecilia, Mpherembe in Mzimba.